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Introducing In Markets Quality Fabric Materials At Reduced Costs

At minimal prices, we serve a variety of smooth textured Fabric Materials in Indian marketplaces. Taffeta Lining Fabric, Jacket Fabric are some out of many fabrics which we source from the textile mills and companies located in China.

We understand the pain of cloth & soft furnishing manufacturers who visit from one shop to another in search of international quality standards of fabrics, in the process of this prolong search not just these manufactures wastes time and money but end paying more for fabrics whose quality overtly give an impression of international standards but in real is bogus.

To help such clothing manufacturers, our company imports finest quality of fabrics from international territory whose quality is A one. Softness, fetching looks, colorfast nature and long-lasting luster of our fabrics speaks in volume about their high quality standards.  At reduced prices, these quality fabrics are provided in Indian markets which enables companies in making attractive clothing & soft furnishing line without over-budgeting.

Overview of Indian Textile Industry

Indian textile industry is contributing one of the largest shares in GDP of the country. Along with this, it also provides immense employment opportunities to the Indian population. The abundance of fabrics such as silk, cotton, taffeta, polyester, etc., makes the nation capable to export such fabrics at large scale. Indian fabrics have gained huge popularity worldwide due to their beautiful textures and fine finishing. India is enjoying the benefits of having plenty resources of fabrics and trained manpower available at low wage rates. Considering the crucial role of textile industry played in the overall economic growth of the country, SM Textiles has decided to enter in this domain few years back in 2013. All high grade fabrics like Jacket Fabric, Cotton Indigo Fabric, Sweat Shirt Fabric, Blazer Fabric, etc., are sourced from the reputed vendors and then delivered in the Indian market.